Ocutrx is a California smart-up start-up which is developing the best-of-the-best AR headset and AR ecosystem. “AR Glasses for the Masses” ™ is one of the Ocutrx mottos. The Oculenz is the platform which will take the AR industry by storm.


A true ecosystem platform, the Oculenz™ ARwear™ Glasses are a connected-network device which pairs with your existing devices, like your smart-phone, tablet or laptop and permits you to migrate your existing Apps to your Oculenz for Cell calls, Streaming Video Content and Gaming. It provides a dynamic developer platform for a truly “open system” which can be adopted in a multitude of settings, such as Cellular-Connect, Medical, Gaming, Industrial, Commercial, Consumer, and Drones. The headset and lenses are very lightweight, less than 200 grams, and the headset boasts a 110-degree FOV with 2.5K resolution, with 2 HD cameras, 5 camera/sensors and includes noise-cancelling microphones and stereo sound options. The ARwear has both Mini-HDMI and USB-C connectors for direct-connect with Cellular, BlueTooth® and WiFi wireless connections for a completely “tetherless” and “go-anywhere” AR system. A D-Pad “dongle” houses a controller for mode setting and battery, which can be charged on a separate system.


While the company’s proprietary video technology is well positioned to disrupt and penetrate many AR applications, Ocutrx’s first market focus is to apply this video processing to assist low vision patients in the large $40 billion vision care market. Ocutrx just received its first US patent on the headset concept and the complex algorithms used to reposition video pixels from blurred vision areas to adjacent areas having viable vision for use with patients who have Macular Degeneration.


Augmented Reality

Mixed Reality injects 3D virtual views to the user and mixes this view with the real world. This will enable you to work faster and more efficiently with less hardware.


Customize Your View

Every office can be a corner office with a view. Virtually design and decorate your office however you see fit. Have an ocean view out the window without high priced real estate.


Change Shopping

Experience shopping in a new way that allows you to preview products in your home before buying them. Virtually position items in the room like furniture and see how it looks.



Michael H. Freeman, J.D.

Ocutrx innovations address central eye defects with new computer mediated augmented reality technologies.

Ocutrx was founded in 2015 by Michael H. Freeman as a new breed of Computer Mediated Virtual Reality Wearables based on Freeman's innovations. Freeman is an Emmy Award Winning Mobile Video Inventor. His mobile inventions were the foundation of 802.11(n) MIMO technology. Mr. Freeman also won the 2015 and 2016 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award for the Best Way to Power the IoT.

See More about Mr. Freeman


The Oculenz Fonet™ features can be set to be a host for other devices, and acquire direct access to the internet, much like a modern day router does, so that the ARwear can be paired with other devices, like a smartphone, tablet, laptop or smartwatch. Then all of a user’s Apps on their other devices can be migrated to the Oculenz headset and controlled seamlessly. A user can start a video on Apps such as Hulu or Netflix then select to direct the video to the Oculenz headset. The possibilities are endless.


Oculenz changes the perception of reality through the integration of immersive sensations that are perceived as natural parts of an environment.




Oculenz brings components of the digital world into a person's perception of the real world

Oculenz is perceived to the user as an immersive aspect of a real environment

Oculenz can add things that are perceived as natural parts of an environment




Oculenz can mask (subract or block) portions of the natural environment

Interact and digitally manipulate information about the surrounding real world

Oculenz can subtract portions of the natural environment and interact digitally manipulate information about the surrounding world. Ocutrx aligns virtual information to the physical world and adjusts it with user movements

Together, AR and VR rank among Facebook’s top three tech priorities – along with connectivity and artificial intelligence – Mike Schroepfer, Facebook CTO



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